Strategy Development
Strategic Management
Technology & Operations
Strategy Development
  • For top equity research firm, developed and substantiated differentiated views regarding industry regulatory and technology developments and their potential impact on competition and upon the revenues of MasterCard and Visa.  Published more than 100 reports on current trends in the payments industry, including revenue impact models, which were utilized by institutional investment clientele to inform their investment decisions.
  • For a major card network, led multiple cross-functional teams to create and sell-in 7 business cases in less than 5 months, obtaining funding that represented 50%+ of annual corporate-wide allocation for new investment. Domains included card usage and retention, health care payments, recurring bill payments, B2B payments and supply chain financing, private label processing.
  • Evaluated key B2B payments processes as part of strategic initiative to identify potential value-added services for one of the 5 largest US commercial banks.  Developed process maps, estimated market sizing, identified business models and representative pricing, profiled key providers and highlighted key pain points as potential service-offering opportunities. Evaluation included Pricing Management, Promotion Management, Promotion Optimization, Customer Credit Evaluation, AR Insurance, Letters of Credit and Escrow Services.
  • For major card network, validated market-relevance of product offerings and financial assumptions across multiple business lines at major card network.  Domains included merchant “direct connect” to network; rewards at the POS; rewards interchange program; premium card programs; merchant coalition promotions platform.
  • Refined and operationalized international expansion strategies, including IT initiatives, organizational change, timing of benefits and investments, sourcing strategy and project management best practices.
  • Developed and implemented recurring payment strategy for major US card issuer, including identifying and contracting with vendor and implementing.
  • For international telecom firm, created gateway strategy for providing financial services to Africa customers through their phones.
Strategic Management
  • For both de novo and renewing cobrand/private label programs in the retail space, numerous projects including program strategy and new account forecasting, RFP management, issuer operational and technology benchmarking, and program performance and contract assessment
  • Worked with a large US FI entering the alternative consumer lending space designing a 100% digital experience from origination through servicing
  • Worked with a global card network to design the business model for a global consortium of commercial card issuers to service multinational corporate’s needs
  • For large Japanese firm, developed go-to-market strategy and built implementation team for US launch of small merchant point of sales system.
Technology & Operations
  • Advised retailers on mobile capabilities and transaction processing options across card issuers and networks.
  • SME and co-leader of IT strategy workstream for target operating model initiative aimed at supporting aggressive growth objectives of multi-national card issuer; developed “go-forward” card platform strategy endorsed by client.
  • Lead engagement with consortium of six top US banks to gain consensus on solution requirements for mobile payments security solution
  • Multiple projects for large North American card issuers: gathered strategic business aspiration from groups of 20 to 100 senior business executives, conducted gap analysis vis-à-vis current cards platforms versus software packages and third party processors, comparing “as-is” underlying costs with build, buy or outsource cost avoidance and revenue enhancement
  • For major US card networks, developed strategies for authorization switch migration from legacy or modern technology with an aim to improve cost-effectiveness while maintaining requisite high availability and performance
  • For fast-growing small business, reviewed and identified cost-saving improvements in their payments acceptance process.
  • For commercial card division of leading network, reviewed and recommended improvements to their MIS offerings.
  • Advised numerous start-up companies and investors on emerging payments, payments market dynamics and business models, business strategy, product viability (e.g., B2B marketplace lending; card fraud solution; new payment network; loyalty trends; blockchain trends; cash handling)
  • IT Functional Expert on European due diligence team in online acquiring space; developed gap analysis of target company’s payments platform functionality, defined effort required to rectify gaps given Private Equity buyer’s strategy.
  • Conducted due diligence for multiple large private equity firms on the acquisition of a large global acquirer processor
  • For national law firm, provided support for litigation related to payment networks practices.
  • At request of advocacy firm for largest US merchants, worked with legal counsel to recommends payment card steering options in light of changed regulations.
  • For nationally-known affinity card, performed competitive assessment of their loyalty program redemption process
  • Evaluated investment potential of travel-related business opportunities and technologies for major card network/issuer.